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I've been following all the games in the World Cup in South Africa since it began, even though Ireland didn't qualify. I also evaluated the teams I've seen:

Germany: Pretty good, can't wait to see them play England.

England: Very poor against Algeria, need a lot of improvement if they're going to beat Germany.

France: Not to put too fine a point on it, hopeless. Not so much "Les Bleus" as "Les Miserables".

Italy: Poor. I really expected better from the defending champions.

USA: Improved a lot since their last appearance, could be a team to watch out for.

Spain: Very good indeed. I've got an eye on them to reach the quarters, at least, and they might even win the tournament.

Algeria: Average at best.

Brazil: Amazing, as always.

What does everyone else think of the World Cup? Which teams are "hot", which teams are "not"? Who are you supporting (if anyone)? Who do you think is going to win?